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Theon Greyjoy/Reek, Who?


Season 4 had more torture in mind for Theon/Reek as a hunt in the woods starts off this storyline.  Roose is shocked at Theon’s appearance but Ramsay convinces his father of his hostage’s servitude.  Their immediate goal is to secure the North and Winterfell by snuffing out the last two Stark heirs, Bran and Rickon.  Locke is sent to the Wall to accomplish that task (where his storyline intertwines with Jon and Bran) for a piece of northern land.

In a daring attempt to rescue her brother, Yara invades the castle to the chagrin of Ramsay, only to find that Theon has become Reek. As the Ironborn leave, so does Yara who exclaims, “Her brother is dead”.  Ramsay’s careful yet calculating scheming invokes Reek to become Theon once more in order to capture Moat Cailin.  A successful but, gruesome victory ensues as the Boltons claim the Moat. At last, Daddy Bolton rewards his son by legitimatizing him.  Excitedly, the whole platoon heads to Winterfell by season’s end.

So the highlight of this story arc may have been Yara’s rescue speech or the fact that Theon has learned to become a barber without flinching. The amazing location of Northern Ireland makes up for it.

The Story

Again, many heavily adapted scenes from the last book for Theon although it tied up some loose ends for minor characters such as Locke.  Sometimes, it seemed that these were filler segments during certain episodes with no clear intention other than the Boltons taking over the North.

The Characters

Theon/Reek is masked with the regret of his actions rendering him powerless. He becomes the “cloak” of his former self as a humble servant of the Boltons. It’s almost sad to see how easily he can be manipulated by Ramsay; an extremely valuable hostage, nonetheless. Perhaps, there is piece of his former self that has not risen yet; to escape the madness. Alfie Allen has transcended into Reek/Theon.

The Boltons, on the other hand, exude power through careful scheming and manipulation. Papa Bolton is a force to be reckoned with, including his own son, Ramsay who wants nothing more than to please his old man.  And speaking of Ramsay, he brings a new meaning to “flaying”. His psychological exploitation of Theon/Reek through sadistic cruelty makes him “the guy to hate” for viewers. Kudos to Michael McElhatton and Iwan Rheon for their performances as the new Wardens of the North.

What to expect Season 5:

The Boltons live at Winterfell and fix it up because Winter is Coming.

Theon confronts his past discretions at Winterfell and is tortured again.

New players come to Winterfell.

News of Stannis’s arrival at the Wall sparks future problems for the Boltons.

The Boltons must defend their new castle from Jon?







Bran Finds the Weirwood Tree


Here is the first of the reviews: 

Bran finally reached his destiny in season 4. Unfortunately, he has been waarging into his direwolf, Summer too much. Jojen warns Bran, that it’s not healthy. Suddenly, he has visions of a Weirwood tree in the frozen north. Bran, Meera, Jojen and Hordor come upon Craster’s Keep where he waargs into the direwolf again but; this time, it gets caught.

Meera warns them not to stay nevertheless; they are captured by the mutineers. Hodor gets beaten up; Jojen uses his sight while Bran reveals his identity to Karl as the trio become hostages. In a near miss once again, the Night’s Watch is led by Jon looking for the rebels and his brother. Locke finds the threesome; Bran waargs into Hodor, killing him (Locke).

At last, Bran and company come upon the Weirwood tree. First, they have to fight off an army of “wights”. A Child of the Forest helps them while Jojen is killed. Bran, Meera and Hodor are taken through a cave of long, tangled roots where  they meet, “The Three Eyed Raven”.  Apparently, he has been watching them with a thousand and one eyes. Bran asks if he will ever walk again. His answer is, “You’ll never walk again, but you’ll learn to fly”.

The Story

Bran’s storyline had a better flow to it than previous seasons. Although, adaptations to the story such as another near miss with Jon wrapped up loose ends like Karl and Locke. It wasn’t as exciting as last season. The highlight of this story had to be CGI effects of the Weirwood tree vision and the army of dead “wights”.

The Characters

Bran is one character who finally gets to his destination. It seems like he had a purpose for this mission; enhancing his new found abilities. His love of family was evident when he knew Jon was close by as they found Ghost locked up. Jojen and Meera have been the most loyal of companions in helping their friend stay true to his goal; even when they were being held captive. Hodor is a faithful friend to Bran and he relies on him, even for waarging.  Jojen’s death was a shocking twist of fate.

As it has been reported, Bran will not appear in Season 5, let’s hope he makes an appearance for the following season.

Things to consider in the future:

Who is the Three Eyed Raven? Or does the man with roots have another name?

Bran’s training?

What happens to Meera and Hodor? Summer?


Two New Teasers!!

From The Threeeyedraven:







Season 5 Premiere Date!!!!!!!!

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Stay tuned for the featurette on February 8, 2015. And reviews are coming soon!!!!!


HBO Promo Teaser

Another snippet of teasers for Season 5 in the Lastest HBO Yearender:








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Season 5 Teaser !

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A glimpse of what Arya will face in Season 5. Book readers will be excited!


Let the trailers and teasers begin!


Season 4 Review – Game of Thrones

Epic, shocking, exhilarating and momentous are just a few words to describe Season 4.  It lived up its motto of “Valur Morghulis” (All Men must Die) with awesome fights, deaths and character driven moments. There was even a huge reveal for both non -readers and readers alike with a White Walker conclusion.  Neil Marshall came back to direct episode 9.  Bryan Coogman wrote 2 episodes while George RR Martin penned Episode 2.  All other episodes were written by David Benioff and Dan Weiss.


The newest character to grace Kings Landing was Oberyn Martel and his paramour Ellaria Sand from Dorne; we also were reintroduced to Dontos Hollard and a new Mountain. Even, Tommen grew up quickly.  In the North, we met the Thenns, a couple of mammoths, a few giants and lots of wildings.  Meanwhile beyond the Wall, Bran finally found the Three Eyed Raven.  Back at Castle Black, Jon had to deal with Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne.  And finally, he was reunited with Ghost.

Over in the East, Danny met with the citizens of Meereen especially one nobleman name Hizhdar and a new recast Daario. And yes, those dragons grew bigger and stronger. Stannis and Davos introduced us to Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Even Sallador Sann made an appearance.

The unlikely duo of Brienne and Pod bumped into Hotpie in their quest to find Sansa Stark.  While in the Vale, Sansa was welcomed by her Aunt Lysa and Cousin Robin.  Arya was reunited with Needle after she showed no mercy to Polliver. Rorge and Biter wounded the Hound.  As well, we met Wanda Frey, Roose’s new wife.  Yara Greyjoy reappeared to save her brother but her efforts were fruitless.

The standout favorite character this season had to be Oberyn Martell who was hell-bent on vengeance for his sister’s death. Pedro Pascal was welcomed addition to the cast  but unfortunately, it was short-lived as he met his unfortunate fate at the hands of the Mountain.  The recurring cast had moments as well. Lena Headley’s performance as Cersei came to the forefront  as the grieving yet, manipulative Queen Regent.  Peter Dinklage was amazing as usual; especially in Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men”.  Both actors are nominated for Emmys this year.


Honorable mentions also go to Rory McCann as the Hound who came into his own especially in the finale as well as Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow in episode 9. Also, Stephane Dillane’s Stannis, Liam Cunningham’s Davos and Iwan Rheon’s Ramsay (Snow) Bolton were solid performances. Sophie Turner’s eventual twist as Sansa Stark or Maisie William’s Arya did not go unnoticed either, both had unbelievable moments too.

Death or battles seemed to be the core of this season.  We lost many characters, some beloved; others, deserved and some, unexpected. Joffrey’s death was sasifying for everyone. Ygritte’s death was sudden loss while Jojen, Tywin and Shae’s were shocking in the finale. One of the best deaths had to be Lysa being pushed out the Moon Door. The most gruesome deaths were those at Moat Cailin, curtsey of the Boltons.  The Red Viper’s death took us all by surprise.

Episode 9, “The Watchers on the Wall” was simply epic. It is always a treat to have one episode every so often that focusses on one major battle.  Marshall outdid himself again with major fight scenes, character driven moments, special effects; especially the 360 camera that encapsulated the entire courtyard of Castle Black. After 51 minutes of fighting, the ending with Jon into the white frozen north left us wanting more.

Two other outstanding fight sequences had to the Viper and the Mountain as well as Brienne versus the Hound.  The Viper/Mountain scene was fierce and fast while overlooking the beautiful landscape of King Landing via Croatia.  It was a piercing moment for viewers. On the other hand, the Hound/Brienne fight was brutal as the Hound met his match in Brienne.  It was an unexpected dual that showcased both actor’s fight prowess. Kudos to GOT’s fight coordinators for well-choreographed scenes that kept everyone on edge.


It would not go without saying how important the production of Games of Thrones adds to value of the series. The incredible directors, most of whom direct two episodes per season, to the wardrobe/costuming, the CGI effects and music.  The locations were incredible as always. Croatia, Iceland and Ireland have some breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the opening credits and “previously seen” gave subtle foreshadowing hints. Also, we were introduced to some new places in Westeros such as Moat Cailin while across the sea, Braavos and Meereen came into focus. The Braavos piece was added touch via CGI making it another significant locale.  Sigur Rois gave us “The Rains of Castamere” during the Purple Wedding.  Ramin Djawadi continued his brilliant work for this year’s soundtrack.

The adaption of books to screen is the biggest hurdle GOT’s writers faced with cutting back certain characters, plot or dialogue. The series followed the general plotlines for most characters however; some storylines worked better than others. Jon, Bran and Stannis meandered throughout the season until the last few episodes of their threads.  Also, using the same technique of last year of the Bran/Jon near miss didn’t work; whereas, the Brienne/Pod/Arya/Hound scene flowed for both character and plot.  Sansa’s storyline worked for all intensive purposes adding a new dimension. The Arya and the Hound scenes gave us some of the best lines ever.  Dany’s chapters worked satisfactorily but were quickly amped up by adding romance and of course, dragons.  Theon’s thread continued its slow paced direction.

The most controversial and heavily adapted scenes were those of Kings Landing.  The Jamie/Cersei scene sparked sudden outrage. It gave rise to Cersei but left Jamie’s character in the dust (considerably different in the books as Jamie is a POV; not Cersei).  At the same time, there were many outstanding character moments, such as the Oberyn/Tyrion scenes, Jaime/Tyrion (in the cell), Tyrion/Bronn and Tyrion’s trial. Secondary scenes such as the Margery/Tommen or Bronn/Jamie were pleasant departures from the chaos of Kings Landing. And it didn’t matter which scene Tywin appeared in, it just worked until his death.  The loss of Charles Dance will be missed.  


Season 4 had the highest ratings of the series to date. As viewers become invested, both readers and non-readers are eagerly anticipating the next installment of Game of Thrones. It will be long wait until next spring!

What were some of your favorite moments of Season 4?






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