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Season 4, Episode 3 – “Breaker of Chains”

After two fast paced episodes, this week’s chapter was quieter with more character driven narratives; yet it set up some major power plays in future segments. There was plenty of rich dialogue amongst the major players tonight. It focused on the aftershock of Joffrey’s death, Sansa’s escape, Tyrion’s imprisonment Dragonstone, the Wall, Arya’s journey and of course, Dany, at the gates of Meereen..

Kings Landing

We open with the aftermath of Joffrey’s death. Cersei has Tyrion arrested as well as implicates Sansa in the murder. Tywin instructs the gates of the city closed so that she doesn’t escape.

Sansa escapes with Dontos through the back alleys of city amongst a gorgeous sunset in KL. There is a small boat waiting for them. As he rows them into the harbor, she takes one last look at her former quarters. As the fog rolls out, they come upon a large galleon ship. Once there, she is pulled up by Littlefinger, who tells her that the worst is over.  As LF agrees to pay Dontos $10,000 gold dragons, bolts kill him. Sansa gaps in horror saying that Dontos was only helping her.  Baelish reveals the fool was working for him by showing her the necklace, telling her it was him (LF) who bought it thus, crushing it into the sea . He gently reminds his new friend; not to worry because she is “sailing home” to safety.

Meanwhile, Margery wonders if she is still a Queen because she is cursed with husbands dying. Olenna reassures her that the House Tyrell is in a remarkably better position since the Lannisters still need them.  The Queen of Thorns advises her granddaughter that she did the best she could with Joffrey but the “next one” should be easier.

As Joffrey lies in state at the Sept with a grieving Cersei and Tommen, Tywin decides to educate the future King against his daughter’s wishes.  He gives him a lesson in how a King should rule with wisdom, justice and listening to his advisors.  And as they walk out of the temple, Tywin begins a lesson about the birds and bees.


Jaime enters and instructs that the septons to leave the building.  A grieving Cersei tells her lover/brother that Tyrion was responsible for Joff’s death as he (TYrion) warned  that her “joy will turn to ashes”.  Jaime pulls her into a kiss but she pushes him away. Cersei asks him to kill Tyrion for her and their son.  Jaime replies that Tyrion is his brother too.  Jaime questions himself by remarking, “Why have the gods made me love a hateful woman?” Again, Jaime grabs Cersei into an embrace as they end up on the floor while Cersei tells him that “it’s wrong” as Jofrrey’s body lays on slab.

We find Oberyn and Ellaria at the Brothel enjoying some well-deserved downtime. All of sudden, Tywin Lannister pays Oberyn a visit.  The Hand questions him about his knowledge of poisons and his conversation with Tyrion.  Oberyn ‘s response is that his sister, Elia was killed by the Mountain on Tywin’s orders. Tywin tries to cover it up by saying he didn’t know what happened. The Hand offers a tempting deal to the Prince by asking him to be a judge at Tyrion’s trial and a seat on the King’s small counsel.  As well, a promise that he will get a chance to question the Mountain.  Tywin informs his Dornish friend that the Seven Kingdoms need Dorne as there are problems in the North, at the Wall, the Greyjoys and in the  east as there is a Targaryen girl with dragons.

Lastly, Pod comes to visit Tyrion in his  cell with news that his trial is in fortnight. Pod  reports that Bronn is under watch, Shae is gone and Sansa is nowhere to be found.  Tyrion knows that this make him look even guiltier at trial. He tells his squire that he has been framed for murder. Pod also tells his Lord that someone tried to bribe him to turn evidence against Tyrion.  Pod declined the offer.  Tyrion’s last commands to his squire were to send Jaime and then to leave Kings Landing for his own safety.

The heat is definitely turning up at KL since Joff’s death and it seens “chaos is a ladder”.  Littlefinger’s return signals that there is much more to the events at wedding than we had anticipated; hopefully we’ll find out soon. The Tyrells have plans for Margery to become Queen again. One of the biggest adaptations is Cersei and Jaime’s scene from the books to the show. This is going to affect both characters (and their relationship) as we see that Cersei only wants vengeance and Jaime has his own promises to keep. They each have different motivations. Overall, Charles Dance owns Kings Landing as Tywin Lannister.  I hope he gets an Emmy nomination next year. Daniel Portman as Pod rocked this episode too.


Arya and the Hound continue on their journey to the Vale, they stop near Fairmarket, broke and hungry. Clegane reminds his little companion that once he gets gold from her aunt, he is going to across the Narrow Sea to be a sells sword. Arya remarks she has friends in Braavos. They come upon a farmer and his daughter.  He asks whom they have been fighting for and Arya exclaims the “Tully’s of Riverrun”.  The farmer welcomes them into his home.   The Hound remarks that “guest rights don’t mean much anymore”.  And in Hound fashion, requests some ale. The farmer asks his guests if they would stay on to help work in the fields and for protection. Sandor a agrees, “fair wages for fair work”.  In the morning, the Hound robs the farmer of his silver. An angry Arya confronts him about his actions.  The Hound educates her that this is the “way things are” and thatfarmer and his daughter won’t last the winter.

It’s still a tumultuous time for these two.   Arya’s  crooked smile when she announces that they were under the Tully banner as an I told you so moment is priceless. The banter between her and the Hound is well written; it makes well worth watching. Hopefully, they’ll run into action soon.



Word has reached Stannis that King Joffrey is dead. Stannis grows weary of Davos’ attempts to gather an army. He reminds his Hand that he named Joffrey in his leech burning and scolds him for letting Gendry go. Davos tells his King that “prophecies and visions don’t win war, soldiers do”. He suggests buying sellswords such as the Gold Company in Braavos.  But, Stannis grows impatient as they are running out of time.

Next, Davos visits Shireen for another reading lesson. She pulls out a book about a Bravossi Warrior for him to read. They discuss the difference between a smuggler and a pirate. Davos recounts how he almost was killed by a Brovossi. Suddenly, the Hand has an brilliant idea. He has Shireen help him write a letter to the Bank of Bravos on behalf of Stannis.

This is definitely building up to something exciting. Has Stannis has forgotten about the North? It’s nice to see Davos coming into his own as Hand. It will be worth the wait to see how this plays out.  Davos is one of my favorite characters so let’s hope he can bring a mile to Stannis’s glum face. What will Melisandre say about this?


The Wall

Over at the Wall, Sam checks on Gilly to see how she is surviving at Castle Black. He is worried about her being the only female there amongst the Rangers. Gilly asks him if he is bored with her. Sam suggests that Molestown might be safer for her and the baby as he only wants to protect them. Gilly is none too pleased as they arrive at a Tavern and meet the madam. She tries to make a deal with Sam but he won’t have it.  Gilly is not impressed with her new digs,nor, Sam either.

The Widings raid a village near Castle Black and killing everyone. They send a child to the Wall warning the “crows”, they are on their way.  At the Wall, the NW discuss how they will deal with Mance and his army. Jon Snow reminds them that the King beyond the Wall will attack; without restraint. Maester Aemon let it be known that they are the “Watchers of the Wall” and their first responsibility is to defend it. As Green and Ed return from Crasters Keep, they recall the mutiny there with Rast. This could be a threat to NW if Mance finds them. Again, Jon reiterates that Mance thinks there are 1000 Rangers waiting, but the reality is that there is only 100 men to defend the Wall.

The subtle attraction between Gilly and Sam is undeniable. Sam is definitely fighting his feelings for her. Things are getting tense at Castle Black. This storyline is just beginning to build up to a huge battle but also a question of leadership. And Thorne has a definite dislike for Jon Snow. Will Stannis make it there?


At last, Dany arrives at Meereen. The city awaits her arrival as they send out a champion to challenge her . He mocks the Khalessi and her army while urinating on the ground. Dany is irate and unimpressed as she has something to say to Meereen; but first she must quiet  the champion down.  Daario  steps up to challenge as he has nothing to lose. Dany accepts and he winks at her. As the fighter comes towards him, he kills the horse knocking the champion to the ground and kills him too. Then Daario proceeds to urinate on the ground as return insult.  The Meereense are horrified. In High Valyrian, Dany points out how she has freed slaves in both Astapor and Yunkai.  She  makes it known the Meereen masters have killed many slave children. As a show of strength, the Unsullied bring out catapults aimed at the city.  On command, they fire barrels full of slave chains that break after hitting the wall.   

Daenerys is showing her strength in numbers. She is definitely not intimidated. And for once, she hasn’t used her dragons; although it would have been an added bonus. Daario is stepping up his game. Missendi noticed. Again, another set up that will surely intensify later and we can only suspect there is a lot of action coming to Meereen.

Random thoughts/quotes:

“I fight for Dorne but when it comes to love, I don’t choose sides” Oberyn Martell to Olyvar

“Wisdom makes a good King” Tywin to Tommen

“Money buys a man’s silence, but a bolt in the heart silences it forever” Littlefinger to SansaETA: It should read:”Money buys a man’s silence for a time. A bolt in the heart buys it forever”.

“Point out the next map shop…I’ll buy you one” Hound to Arya

“…ask the Stranger not kill us in our beds tonight at all” Hound at the dinner table

Here is Episode 4 promo: “Oathkeeper”



Season 4, Episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose”

In just two episodes, GOT has continued its momentum on overdrive by promising huge surprises with death as the ultimate end. Last night’s episode was no exception. It primarily focused on the events of the notorious “Purple Wedding”. Viewers caught up with Bran, Stannis and Theon in this chapter as well. And in GOT tradition, this episode was written by the master himself, George R.R. Martin. Again, it was a well-paced, character driven exposition with some spectular visuals as well as one shocking (ok not for book readers) ending.



The opening segment began with a savage human hunt of Tansy through a forest with Miranda, Ramsay and his hounds. Along with them, is his servant, “Reek”, formerly Theon Greyjoy. As Tansy runs away from them, Miranda shoots her in the thigh with an arrow. Ramsay commands his hounds to finish the hunt as Reek looks on in terror.

Later on, Roose Bolton comes to the Dreadfort with his new wife, Lady Walda and Locke. Ramsay welcomes them. Bolton asks to see the prize. As Ramsay and Locke enter the castle, they joke about cutting off Jaime’s hand. Once inside, Roose sits down for shave; as requested, Reek is brought to him. The new Warden of the North is astounded by the site of Theon. He informs his son that Theon was a bargaining chip against the Ironborn A displeased Bolton tells his son that the flayed man is his sigil and not his son who is a “Snow” and not a Bolton. Ramay trires to prove his worth by having Reek shave him; all the while, explaining that Bran and Rickon are not dead, but on their way to Castle Black. He also taunts Reek by telling him that Robb is dead who shaves him clean. He lets his father know that Bran and Rickon are a threat to them as the north will rally to their side, if they are found alive. As well, he mentions that Jon Snow is at Castle Black, another potential threat. Finally, he instructs Ramsay to show his worth by taking Moat Cailin back as well as Locke, whom he will reward handsomely if Bran and Rickon are found.

The transformation of Theon to Reek was scary in itself. It was shocking to witness the complete horror in his eyes. Ramsay is the “new bad guy,” viewers are going to love to hate. There is a definite undertone of a father/son (Boltons)relationship gone bad.



The night was dark and fulls of terror as the Lord of Light was given a ceremonial burning by Melisandre, Stannis, Selyse and their followers. As Davos looked on, he hung his head in shame to watch Ser Axel burned. Davos reminds his King that Florent brought him ships but Stannis counters him by asking what has Davos has done for him. During supper, Stannis, Selyse and Mel have a quiet dinner together. Selyse recalls eating barbequed seagulls once when there was no food at Dragonstone. She tells her husband that Shireen is stubborn, won’t listen and needs the “rod”. Stannis tells his wife not to lay a hand on her. Selyse suggests that the Lady Melisandre visit Shireen . The Red Woman tries to influence the young princess on religion. Her only advice is, “there is only one hell, the one we live in”.

It seems that Stannis is trying to rebuild his army with little help. He is not impressed with his Hand either.  Selyse is just creepy and there is a certain distain between her and Stannis. Shireen sees right through Melisandre . Let’s hope that this storyline picks up midseason.



We catch up with Bran as he is a waarging into Summer. Hodor wakes him up. Jojen warns him not to waarg into his direwolf too much otherwise he will forget about being human, Winterfell and his family. They need Bran to survive. As they begin to travel, the group sees Summer at a Weirwood tree in the middle of a snow covered forest. Bran puts his hand on the carved on the tree and he has a vision. He sees the past of Ned, the house of the Undying, being thrown out of window, the three eyed raven; the present of snow and the future of Dragons flying over Kings Landing. There was also an unknown child in the forest waitng for him. A voice tells Bran, “to find him underneath the Weirwood tree”. Bran wakes up and tells his cohorts they must go north.

This was an amazing highlight of tonight’s episode and for Bran’s storyline which looks quite promising. The stunning visual and flashbacks make his journey more appealing. The Child of the Forest will be an added bonus to this segment.


Kings Landing

The real action took place as Joffrey and Margery’s wedding day finally arrives.

First, Jaime has breakfast with Tyiron. Tyrion toasts the Lannister children, “ The cripple, the Dwarf and the Mother of Madness. The Kingslayer confesses to his brother that he is no good anymore since he lost his hand. Tyrion’s wit encourages to learn to fight with his left hand. Next , we see him with Bronn who begins to train Jaime in an undisclosed location.

As Tyrion is on his way to the wedding breakfast, he is interrupted by Varys who lets him know that his sister knows about Shae. The spider warns him that Tywin is not going to be pleased when he finds out. Varys says he has friends in Pentos that will help her out and Tyrion agrees with him.

At the wedding breakfast, we are introduced briefly to Mace Tyrell who gives the King a new goblet. Tyrion presents is the “ Book of 4 Kings”. Shae approaches the wedding breakfast table; Cersei point her out to Tywin. He instructs his daughter to bring her to his tower. The Hand of King presents his grandson will a new sword of Valyrian steel. Joffrey names it , “Widow Wail”and then proceeds to slice the book into pieces. He looks at Sansa and makes remarks about Ned. The Wedding table is left in horror over Joffrey’s actions.


After the feast, Shae visits Tyrion again to try to seduce him. A heated argument between the two ensues. Tyrion informs her that he didn’t love her and only Sansa is fit to have his children. Tyrion offers her safe passage to Pentos. She is escorted out by Bronn, crying.

At the Sept of Baelor, Joff and Margery are married. Her gown was extravagant with blue roses on the train. Sansa remarks they have a new Queen to which Tyrion caringly replies, “ better her than you.”

During the walk to the wedding reception, Olenna and Tywin have words regarding the debt owed to the Bank of Braavos. Tywin assures her, he is not worried. She brushes off her own son. Bronn informs Tyrion that Shae sailed away safely.

During the feast, Olenna send her condolences to Sansa regarding her brother’s death and invites her to come to Highgarden for some relaxation. She also examines Sansa’s necklace. In Olenna fashion, she remarks that she is now going to eat the food she paid for.

Joffrey’s sadistic streak continues with throwing money at the band and japing his fool. Margery tries to change the mood by announcing that the poor will benefit from the leftovers at the feast.


Brienne congratulates the newlyweds. Cersei thanks her for bringing Jaime home. Jaime looks over as the Queen Regent asks Brienne if she is in love with him. Afterwards, a jealous Cersei instructs Pycelle that the leftovers be given to the kennels.

Loras gets noticed by the Red Viper and confronted by Jaime. He advises him that Cersei will never marry him to which Loras rebounds, “she’ll never marry you either” and storms off.

Tywin and Cersei encounter Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand. Some not so nice pleasantries are exchanged. And in subtle fashion, Oberyn reminds Twyin that murder of women and children is frowned upon in Dorne (meaning his sister and children). He also reminds them that Myrcella is there as well.

Back at the feast, there is new entertainment, “the War of the 5 Kings” played by a troupe of little people. Loras storms off when they poke fun at Renly. The play is finished. Joffrey mocks Tyrion by asking him to join the troupe. Tyrion graciously declines saying he has seen too much fighting and then recalls how Joffrey left during Blackwater. An insulted Joffrey spills wine on his uncle, drops his goblet and tells his uncle to pick it up. Sansa comes to the rescue. Joffrey orders Tyrion to pour him more wine and kneel before him.

The wedding pie arrives just in time. Joffrey cuts it as doves fly out. He takes a bite of the pie, Tyrion asks to be excused. Joffrey says no and wants more wine. He begins to cough and choke. Margery screams in horror . Dontos grabs Sansa and tells her to come with him if she wants to live. Joffrey falls off the dais. Cersei rushes to her son who is uncontrobally choking. Joffrey looks up one last time almost pointing to Tyrion and dies in his mother’s arms. Cersei screams and accuses of Tyrion of poisoning the King. He is arrested. The end credits role with Sigur Ros singing The Rains of Castamere.


Lots of great character driven moments. There was plenty of interaction between characters. The most endearing scene was Jaime and Tyrion’s brotherly moment. Tyrion is the only one he can trust at the moment. Cersei holding Joffrey in her arms was heart wrenching at the end. It’s sad for Margery since she is now widowed twice. Sansa may have finally found her escape. The Red Viper has his eyes on the Lannisters. Alas,poor Tyrion, now accused of killing the King. Will Tywin save him? Is Shae really gone? Will we see Tommen’s induction as King.

Random Quotes /Thoughts:

Balon Greyjoy’s death will probally come at the end of season 4 to bridge the storyline for season 5 and introduce the Ironborn.

“How can I protect the King, If I can’t wipe my ass” Jaime to Tyrion

“….I’ve been told that you sh** gold like your father” Bronn to Jaime

“Oh, that’s right Reek, Robb is dead” Ramsay to Reek

“The Starks have always ruled the North, if Bran and Rickon are found alive, the north will come to their aide” Ramsay to Roose

“Bastards are not frowned upon in Dorne….” Oberyn to Tywin and Cersei

“I’ve never met a Sand before “Cersei to Ellaria

“ Prove yourself a Bolton, take this creature with you ….get back the Moat and I’ll consider your name” Roose to Ramsay

“It would be a tragedy if the king loses his virtue before his wedding night” Tyrion to Joffrey

“Everytime I use it (sword)..it will be lke cutting off Ned Stark’s head again” Joffrey to Sansa

“What did you do to him” Roose to Ramsay….” I trained him.”

”You might try to enjoy something in your life” Olenna to Tywin

Here is a preview of Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains”:


Season 4, Episode 1 – “Two Swords”

The first episode of Season 4 didn’t disappoint. It was fast paced with lots of character driven moments in Kings Landing. Jaime seemed to be at the forefront and life has certainly changed for him. We were introduced to Oberyn Martell from Dorne and the Thenns in the North. Let’s not forget Arya, Dany and Jon had their moments as well. The opening scene of Ned’s sword, “Ice” melted down into two new swords along with a wolf pellet thrown into the fire with Tywin Lannister looking on, signals a tremendous power shift in Westeros. A brilliant scene to get this season rolling!


Kings Landing

Jaime’s return to KL has had its moments tonight. First, he had a conversation with Tywin; who wants him to be the heir to Castlery Rock and forgo being a Kingsguard. Jaime wants nothing to do with that. He did give him a new sword since he’ll need one with only one hand. Where’s the second sword? Secondly, his sister makes him a new “golden hand” and then tells him he has been away too long when he tries to get fresh with her. Lastly, his own nephew/son King Joffrey berates him for having one arm and reminds him that he won the war. And in his own whimsical self he sarcastically reminds Jaime that there is nothing written about him in “Book of Brothers”. Jaime’s best scene was with Brienne who reminded him of his vow to Catelyn Stark but there are complications now that Sansa is a Lannister; which only leaves Arya. If anything, poor Jaime is having a really bad day. Only Tyrion will welcome him back with open arms.

Tyrions’ role had been reduced to greeting the new house in town. He welcomed Oybern Martell to Kings Landing by finding him in a brothel. He is reminded that his new bride, Sansa is still upset over the death of her brother and mother; nor will she eat anything or talk to anyone. And Shae gives him a hard time by trying to seduce him but he won’t have it and she questions him to why he wanted to send her away with jewels. Poor Tyrion has no clue on that one. Bronn’s one liners were a great bonus to Tyrion’s drudgery at KL.

We get a small glimpse of Margery preparing for her wedding day. She didn’t seem to be excited about it like Lady Olenna. Brienne visits her to explain how Renly died and yet Margery tells her that Joffrey is King now.

Also, Sansa is visited by a drunk Ser Dontos, who has a small gift for her, a blue necklace, a family heirloom that he would like to bequest to her. We haven’t seen him since Season 2 so something is up with that.

The most intriguing addition to the cast is Oberyn Martell from Dorne. As Tyrion finds him in a brothel with his paramour, Ellaria Sand, who doesn’t mind being known as a “bastard”. Things are definitely different in Dorne. Both have a petulance for mixing it up with both men and women. It’s the Red Viper’s sting that comes through when he meets some Lannister men. This guy is definitely seeking revenge for his sister, Elia who was married to Rhaegar Targyagaren and then slaughtered by the Mountain, on the orders of Tywin Lannister. And Tyrion is told “it’s not only the Lannisters that pay their debts”. Life might be more exciting in Kings Landing with Dorne around.


The Wall and Beyond

Our first glimpse starts with Ygritte and Tormund waiting for orders from Mance in an unknown cavern. He reminds her that she let the ”crow” go and they wouldn’t be in this mess. All of the sudden, the Thenns show up to Tormund’s dismay. They take over their fire pit with an arm of crow which they begin to feast upon.

Back at Castle Black, Sam visits Jon who recounts his time with Robb. He is summoned to answer for his involvement with the Wildings. Allister Thorne is back as the temporary leader in charge.Jon must answer for his supposed crimes as well as, he tells him he broke one of his vows. He also tells them of Mance’s plans to invade Castle Black and light the biggest fire that the North has ever seen. Jon is almost sentenced to be beheaded but Maester Aemon saves him. The Maester was on point tonight with is one liners! Great dialogue from him especially when Allister Thorne questioned him about he knew about liars; Aemon answers, “I used to live in Kings Landing”. Something tells me that he may be important in Jon’s storyline this season.



We catch up with the Khalessi as she has quiet moment with one of her dragons until the other two bring back some food and they begin to fight over it. One of the dragons snaps at her and Jorah reminds her that the dragons cannot be tamed. Back in the camp, she finds the Unsullied ready to march towards their next destination. Grey Worm and Daario Naahris are not to be found as they had a bet going on to see which one hold his sword the longest. Dany stumbles upon them and tells them they will ride in the back of the envoy.

As Dany and Missendi look across the sea, she asks her confidante about Meereen. Daario comes to see Dany to help her strategize. He shows her some flowers and their meanings and how it’s important for her to know the people she will rule. Perhaps, he is “gambler” after all. As the entourage walk, they come to dead child slave hung to a cross as warning for all to see. Dany commands that each slave be taken down and buried without their chains.


Arya and the Hound

The highlight of episode 1 was Arya and the Hound traveling somewhere in Westeros. He informs the little Stark that he is on his way to the Vale to take her to see her Aunt Lysa who will pay a hefty price for her return.

As they approach an Inn, Arya recognizes one of the men as Pollivar, who took “Needle”, killed Lommy and brought her to Harrenhal. The Hound could only think of not fighting on an empty stomach. Arya decides to get her sword back. They enter the Inn, they get looks from his brother’s men who fight for the King. Pollivar has a long talk with the Hound, who isn’t going to put with anything or anyone. A fight ensues and the Hound is outnumbered however, he is triumphant. Arya gets into it too and puts a sword through Pollivar’s throat while recounting the words said to Lommy. She gets Needle back and a horse as ride they towards the Vale. The well written banter between Arya and the Hound as well as his foul mouth made tonight’s ending well worth the wait.

Honourable mentions have to go to the opening sequence when Meereen and the Dreadfort popping out during the opening credits. Oh and I have to give props to Pod for knowing the sigils of Dorne.

Hopefully, we’ll see Stannis, Bran, Theon next week.

Random Quotes:

“…….if we beheaded every ranger, the Wall would be guarded by headless men” Maester Aemon at the Wall

“..Aren’t you just marvelous…you knocked my silly grandson to the ground” Olenna to Brienne

“…Are you sure we aren’t related…every Lannister has been a pain in my ass….you’ve got the hair for it and the looks” Jaime to Brienne.

“..a man’s got to have a code” the Hound to Arya

“My bloody honour is beyond repair” Jaime to Tywin

“..If you want to rule slaves, you must become part of them..” Daario to Dany

Here is a preview of Episode 2:


Are you ready for Season 4?

On the eve of S4 Game of Thrones, here are some thoughts:


“I will do what Queens do, I will rule…”

Across the sea, Dany comes with her Unsullied Army to Meereen, her next conquest! Along with her envoy including a new Daario, she encounters more than what she has bargained for. Those dragons have grown!!!

“If the Starks are still alive….the Northerners will rally to their side….”

At the Dreadfort, Ramsay has some serious plans for finding Bran and Rickon. Watch for Theon or should we say “Reek”; perhaps another chase scene coming our way. And Yara, does she make it to Deepwood Motte or does she go back to the Iron Islands? Balon? The Northerners will never forget!

“They know I saved the city…they I know I’ve won the war….”

Well, Joffrey hasn’t changed since last season. His wedding day has arrived. It looks like quite the feast. Must have been a good party.

“There’s only one hell; the one we live in…”

Melisandre has predicted something is going wrong but what it is; we’ll have to find out. I’m sure she’ll counsel Selyse and Shireen at Dragonstone. She ought to be on her way to the Wall with Stannis.

“..If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place…”

It looks like Tyrion started out with everything and now is reduced to nothing but shackles. Tywin doesn’t look too pleased either.

“It’s coming…””

Bran is beyond the Wall…and senses something….another White Walker??? He is on a mission for something or someone.

“…All that time I was asleep….the world has fallen apart”

Jon has some catching up to do since he has been beyond the Wall. Castle Black has no leader and the Wildings are coming. Will Sam save the day?

“I’ll find her…”

Brienne is on another mission. This time sent by Jaime to find Arya Stark. What plans does he have for Brienne?

“Tell your father, the Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts… ”

Welcome Oberyn Martel, the Red Viper, to Kings Landing.

“..Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman….”

Cersei and Jaime are back together but it seems their relationship may be on the rocks! What will Tywin say about this?

“…which side are you on?…”

Littlefinger is working his magic in the Vale. Now who does he need to convince?

“….I lie awake at night, thinking about how they died…”

Kings Landing has been miserable for Sansa. Will she ever escape?

“…Joffrey, Cersei, Tywin Lannister, the Red Woman…”

Arya and the Hound are still on a quest. It seems that Arya has her own plans. Will the Hound be there or not?

“…I will not be the page on someone’s history book…”

Stannis is regrouping and on his way to the Wall.

Valur Morghulis – All Men Must Die…..Season 4 is here!!!


A Good Laugh for You!!

While we wait for tomorrow! Here’s a great parody of GOT courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and the Late Night:

Game of Desks:

April 6th is nearly here!


Season 4 is almost here!

A small clip from HBO Instagram for Episode 1:

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Your #Khaleesi returns. 3 days. @gameofthrones #hbo #gotseason4 #daenerystargaryen #targaryen #daenerys

Only 3 days to go!! Are you ready?


If there is one family with power and riches, it’s the Lannisters. This season proved they were a force to be reckoned with it. But it’s big papa, Tywin who rules everything and everyone.


The Lannisters

In Season 1, we meet the Baratheons who come to Winterfell to name Ned as Hand, Robert dies leaving Joffrey as King. Ned finds out Cersei’s secret and he is beheaded by the “Mad King 2”, Joffrey. Tyrion comes to Winterfell, travels to the Wall, and gets caught by Catelyn who tries him in the Vale. Upon his release he meets the mountain clans who fight for his father. During season 2, Tyrion become acting Hand at Kings Landing much to his sister’s distain. He leads the troops into the Blackwater Battle; getting injured in the process .Tywin, on the other hand, leads the battlefront in the Riverlands whilst landing at Harrenhal and meeting a certain cupbearer. By the end of the season, he triumphantly defeats Stannis and returns to Kings Landing along with the Tyrells. Joffrey agrees to marry Margery Tyrell instead of Sansa.

This season, Twyin Lannister has control of everything in Kings Landing. He is the “real King” behind the throne whether it was negotiating with Olenna or ruling over Joffrey, Cersei and Tyrion. He secretly made deals with Bolton and Frey resulting in the Red Wedding. Tyrion felt he lost face after Blackwater and his position was reduced to Master of Coin. He was forced to marry Sansa as a political move. Cersei lost her son to another woman as well as betrothed to Loras Tyrell.


Some of the most memorable scenes occurred in Kings Landing such as Tyrion asking Joffrey if he killed any puppies or Tywin commanding the King to go to bed. There were immense plot twists and turns for this storyline. Even some of the Cersei/Tyrion scenes were moving at times when they were character driven. Pod’s visit to the brothel was a very memorable scene as well. And the Lannisters certainly tie into secondary players such as Littlefinger, Varys and Tyrell’s, who are part of the game.

Tywin is a totalitarian who rules with an iron fist when it comes to politics and his family. He shows no emotion toward Tyrion. No matter how much Cersei and Tyrion want their father’s approval and admiration, Tywin is not capable. His only motive is to secure the power and position of the Lannisters. He realizes that Cersei cannot control Joffrey and he will not give Tyrion, the claim to Castlery Rock; rather, he would favor Jaime instead. Charles Dance is just one of those actors that commands the scene with or without his fellow castmates.

Joffrey is a spoiled, sadistic and egocentric King who has no understanding of the real politics behind the throne room. The Queen Regent can’t control him and his own grandfather thinks he is lost cause. He is carefully seduced by Margery who seems to think learning how to shoot a crossbow would be fun. Jack Gleeson has made Joffrey, a character everyone loves to hate.


Cersei has come undone as Season 3 revealed. She no longer rules the small counsel since her father’s return. Her new pastime is taking up drinking whether she is visiting Tyrion or anywhere for that matter. Her pride is wounded as well as her power. Lots has changed for her. Kudos to Lena Headley for making Cersei, a character you either like or you don’t.

Tyrion’s wit and sarcasm has kept him sane/alive during the most trying times at KL. With Tywin’s return, things changed considerably for him. The unemotional wedding between Tyrion and Sansa was tragic for both however, he did prove that he was gentleman towards her. Even his relationship with Shae changed somewhat. Some of his best lines were roasting Joffrey at the small counsel. My personal favorites were the Twyin/Tyrion exchanges because they were character driven and powerful. Peter Dinklage has made Tyrion, a GOT favorite.



Sansa hasn’t had the best time during her stay in Kings Landing.

In Season 1, she is betrothed to Joffrey, loses Lady on the way, innocently betrays Ned, sees him beheaded, and tortured by Joff. Throughout Season 2, she is still tortured by Joffrey, held hostage by Cersei who offers some motherly advice, almost raped during a stroll in the city (saved by the Hound), survives the Blackwater attack and then loses Joffrey to Margery. Thinking she’s free, Littlefinger reminds her that she is not. During Season 3, Sansa is visited by LF who offers to take her to the Vale, visits the Tyrells, betrothed to Loras; however married to Tyrion. Finally, she learns th her mother and brother have died during the Red Wedding.

Sansa is poltical pawn at the Red keep. Taught to be a lady, she always keeps her composure most the time. Sansa has no hope of getting out Kings Landing and no one she can trust, not even the Tyrells. Tyrion is the only one who defends her besides Shae; who tries to make sure that she is safe from Littlefinger. Sansa’s innocence is her undoing as she is oblivious to Shae and Tyrion’s ongoing affair and everything else. This girl hasn’t learned to play the game yet. Will she ever? Sophie Turner has done an outstanding job of playing the poor naïve and helpless Sansa.

This is the last of review of Season3.  There are 8 more days until season 4 on April 6th!


What to expect in Season 4?????

With Jaime returning to KL, what plans does Tywin have for him? How will Cersei and Tyrion be affected by his return?

Will Joffrey continue to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Or will Tywin send him to bed without supper again.

Margery and Joff’s royal wedding. Will we see Tommen or Mycellla appear?

Will Tyrion inherit another KL position other then Master of Coin?

Will Tywin find out about Shae?

What might happen to Qyburn? Brienne?

Will Sansa ever escape Kings Landing? Will LF return for her??

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