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The Transition of Sansa


After four long seasons, a dark, new Sansa has finally emerged. Still grieving over her family’s loss in the Godswood, Dontos Hollard reappeared with a necklace for her to wear to the Royal Wedding.

During the Wedding breakfast, Joffrey continued to make japes at her family. She made it through the ceremony at the Sept. At the wedding feast, Lady Olenna extended her condolences while admiring her necklace. Sansa came to Tyrion’s rescue as Joffrey made fun of him and a goblet. As pandemonium struck amidst Joffrey’s choking, Dontos emerges just in time; telling Sansa if she wants to live to come with him.

They escape through the city to a large ship in the harbor. As they board, Sansa discovers Petyr Baelish is waiting for her. Dontos is shot as Sansa watches in horror and throws her necklace overboard (getting rid of the evidence). Littlefinger assures his new passenger; her safety. During the trip, Sansa questions Baelish’s motives. He implies Joffrey’s murder was planned.

As they make it to the Vale, Peter informs Sansa that she is now Alayne, his niece. She is brought before Lysa and Robin, who know the truth. Lysa is so excited that Petyr is back, she reveals that she poisoned Jon Arryn for him. He quickly agrees to marry her on the spot.

Sansa/Alayne and Lysa have chat over tea. She questions her niece about enticing Petyr but Sansa rebuffs her. Lysa informs her that she’ll marry her Robin. Out in the courtyard, Sansa builds a snow castle of Winterfell. Robin comes along and smashes it infuriating Sansa. She slaps him. Petyr arrives just in time, reminiscing how she looks like Catelyn and plants a kiss on her. Meanwhile, Lysa sees this from balcony  up above. Next, Sansa is threatened with the Moon Door by her jealous and vindictive aunt. Once again, Baelish comes to the rescue. He pushes Lysa through the moon door all the while; telling her he only loved one woman, her sister.

The Lords of Vale question Baelish over his wife’s suicide. Alayne is brought in front of them. She reveals her true identity as Sansa Stark while backing LF’s story. Later on, he visits in her quarters, asking why she lied for him. Sansa doesn’t look up but replies that she knows what he wants. As Robin and LF prepare to leave for a tour of the Vale, Sansa comes down the stairs in a new dark dress and dark hair to the delight of both suitors.

The Story

The adaptation worked for this particular segment. Lysa’s death was a superb ending. The writers ought to have kept the original dialogue of the book with “only Cat”; instead of “your sister”. The location of the Eeryie, especially that moon door is another awesome effect of CGI.

The Characters

Finally, Sansa has gone from pawn to player; coming into her own. She went from being Tyrion’s wife to Alayne and back to Sansa. The hard lessons of Kings Landing taught her well. Still, she can’t trust anyone just yet.

Sansa’s arrival in Vale was anything but welcoming. Well, there was deranged Aunt Lysa to contend with. And it isn’t until Lysa’s death that her new persona emerges. Her family name and tears helped gain the sympathy of the Lords of Vale. She has many things to learn from Baelish; but she will have to stay cautious because his game always changes. She might have the upper hand this time. Her final scene this season as Dark Sansa completed her transformation. Sophie Turner may now have more viewers routing for her.

Littlefinger is brilliant manipulator. This is quite evident as we learn that getting lovesick Lysa to poison her husband, Jon Arryn, was  the catalyst that started the war. And it’s really his love for Catelyn and pure revenge against the Starks and Tullys that motivated him to this point. In Sansa, he sees the chance to love again as well as more titles and money. And the guy is smart because he seems never to get caught. Even Joff’s poisoning was his alliance with the Tyrells (remember season 2). His monologue about “Chaos is a Ladder” rings true at this point. His motives are slowly becoming clearer each season. Aiden Gillen is making Littlefinger, a secondary player to watch.

An honorable mention goes to Katie Dickie as Lysa Arryn, who made the character fun to watch. She was off centered woman whose own jealousy and insecurities made poor choices; mainly with her  history with Baelish, Catelyn and her father. Her death signaled a change of political discourse in the Vale.

Looking forward to Season 5:

What will LF do with Robin? How will he keep the Eeryie safe? Will the Lords of the Vale see right through him?

What intentions might LF have for Sansa?

Will Sansa be able to keep Baelish on his toes? What about Robin?

Will we meet more people of the Vale? Or will some storylines cross paths?


First look inside Season 5!

It’s all about the Weapons of Dorne From Making Game of Thrones Blog:


Season 5 Poster Released

HBO just released the Season 5 poster:


And two more teasers from The Sight:

Brienne and Podrick:

Jon and Mance:

Season 5 is coming!!!!


Arya and Her Hound

game-of-thrones-season-4-arya-stark-trailer This season was actioned packed for Arya and the Hound. They begin the season on their way to the Vale. The duo encounters Lannister men in which a fight ensues because the Hound wants chicken. Arya gets Needle back by killing Polliver. As they travel, the pair comes upon Fairmarket where they stay with a famer and his daughter for the night. In the morning, the Hound kills the farmer; stealing his silver much to Arya’s dismay.

And tension heats up between the two as Arya recites her death prayer with the Hound’s name in it. He makes fun of her “water dance” as she challenges him to a fight. At another stop along the way, the Hound shows mercy to a dying man; only to be ambushed by Rorge and Biter, whom the pair both kill. Clegane is wounded.

Arya tends to the infected wounds while discovering the Hound’s fear of fire. As they approach the Bloody Gate at the Vale, both are shocked to find out; Aunt Lysa is dead. Arya can only laugh at that point.

Outside the Vale, plotting their next move, Arya meets a lady warrior. Unbeknownst to her, it’s Brienne who has been sent by Jamie to find Sansa. Pod reveals the Hound’s identity. Words are exchanged as a fierce fight between Brienne and the Hound transpires. The Hound is severely injured thus, begging Arya for the gift of mercy.  Arya says nothing, leaving him for dead.

As Arya comes to the Saltpans, she sees a Bravossi ship.  Remembering the coin, she gives it to the captain and recites “Valur Morghulis”.  The last scene of the season is Arya looking towards the east as the ship sets sail.

The Story

The locations of Northern Ireland and Iceland really encapsulated the look of the Vale and the Riverlands. It was action packed but tender at times; as we see how war affects the plight of the common people just trying to survive.  The dialogue was cleverly written with some amazing one liners such as “What the #%* is a Lommy?” and “I want some $%***** chicken!” The final scene grabs our attention with Arya sailing towards Braavos.

The intertwining of Brienne/ Pod/Arya/Hound storylines worked for the purpose of the adaptation in this particular segment. The duel between the Hound and Brienne was well choreographed as well as exciting to watch in Episode 10.

The Characters

Once again, the banter between with Arya and Hound is simply dynamic. Maisie Williams and Rory McCann make the unlikely pair convincing. And it seems throughout this season, the Hound has taught Arya some important life lessons. Although, Arya is becoming less afraid of the world, she still brings that Stark sense of justice with her. The main turning point for Arya was leaving the Hound to die rather than granting him mercy. Arya’s eyes and silence said so much in that scene. Mayhaps, he was still in her death prayer after all.

The Hound, on the other hand, is a survivor. He sees what the war has done to the common people. The quest to make a “buck” is always forefront in his mind. Clegane’s biggest weakness is fire caused by his older brother, whose shadow haunts him; wherever he goes. His fight with Brienne was well matched showcasing his fighting prowess. Arya, like Sansa brings out yet, another side to the Hound. It seemed to be played out with every chance encounter.  If anything, the Hound has been a great teacher for Arya because he taught her how to survive in a cruel world when the odds were stacked against them. Again, Rory McCann makes the Hound a brutal killer with a human side. The unorthodox camaraderie between the two will be missed!

Looking forward to Season 5:

Arya’s new adventure in Braavos. Who and what will she encounter? Will she return to Westeros?

Is the Hound really dead? Will he resurface again in another season?  


Daenerys Rules Meereen


Season 4 stayed true to its course for Dany as she conquered the largest slave city in Essos. First of all, her dragons have grown in size and appetite. As her caravan travels towards Meereen, they encounter dead slaves (mainly children) along the way. Outside the gates of Meereen, the city sends a champion to challenge Daenerys. Daario offers to be her champion and he is the successful victor. She sends barrels of broken chains at the city, enticing the slaves to embrace freedom.

We find Missandei teaching Grey Worm the Common Tongue. The Unsullied captain infiltrates the city persuading the slaves to revolt. The Khaleesi takes the city. She decides to chain up the masters as retribution.

News from across the sea of Joffrey’s death comes to the Queen. Jorah counsels her that this is the time to return to Westeros. Dany decides to stay in Meereen to learn to rule as a Queen. She settles into her new role listening to the plights of common people. One citizen, she meets is Hizdahr zo Loraq who requests that his father ( a master) be taken down so that he can have a proper burial. She reluctantly agrees.

Daario greets Dany in her quarters for a late night chat of sorts. Jorah discovers him leaving the next morning while counseling her about not trusting the sellssword.  She changes her mind about Yunkai heeding Jorah’s advice.

Missandei and Grey Worm exchange glances while bathing during a little down time. Selmy discovers a letter from Kings Landing and its contents regarding Mormont. He confronts him before taking it to the Queen. Jorah is summoned to the Throne Room to plead his case but he is sentenced to leave the city by sunset or he’ll be beheaded.

In the Throne room, Daenerys is horrified to learn that Drogon has burnt a child this time. She knows the dragon is roaming freely around the city causing serious damage. In the end, she decides to lock up her other two dragons for safety.

The Story

It seems this storyline was  about the politics of ruling a city while the dragons wreaked havoc. It had a mediocre plot line throughout the season with awesome CGI effects. Some of the best lines were written for these segments. The art direction of the Throne Room and costumes does not go unnoticed either. And it’s always refreshing to hear High Valyrian spoken. The subplot of the Missandei/Grey Worm attraction worked as an adaptation.

The Characters

Daenerys conquers the city with force of her army however; learning to rule is a constant struggle between justice and mercy. As the dragons have grown this season, they become unruly teenagers; of which she has no control of as she realizes this too late. Perhaps, the dragons feel her inner conflict. Daario did counsel her about the people of Meereen; an important lesson, in itself. It is something the Khaleesi will need to learn. Emilia Clarke is still a fan favorite.

And speaking of Jorah, his lies finally caught up with him even though he tried to convince Daenerys otherwise. She was truly heartbroken at his deception. Unfortunately, even the most loyal subjects can’t be trusted. It proves that money or certain promises can buy anyone.

Daario was recast this year with Michael Huisman. It took a few episodes to get used to him. Their attraction was cemented this year. Daario is a strong character that knows what he wants especially when it comes to Daenerys. She can learn a lot about herself with him at her side. They could be a power couple; yet, politics will come into play in their relationship.

Barristen Selmy is character, who is forthright, honest and trustworthy. He has given Dany great advice from his own experience in Kings Landing. He is the only connection to Westeros and her family. She will come to rely on him now for guidance, protection and a surrogate father figure. And so will Grey Worm as a mentor.

Missandei is still Dany’s BFF in Meereen as they rely on each other as women. There is a mutual trust and respect between them. Her attraction to Grey Worm was nice distraction from the politics of Meereen.

Looking ahead to Season 5:

As Dany rules Meereen, what new problems will arise for her?

Will her romance with Daario continue? Or will he be stuck in Yunkai?

Where is Drogon? Will the other two dragons escape as well?

The budding romance of Missandei and Grey Worm will most likely continue.

Will Jorah return?

Could we expect to see a host of new visitors to the city?


The Wall, the Wildings and Beyond


Season 4 started off very slow but methodically for Jon, Sam and the Wildings, but it isn’t until the epic Episode 9; the real excitement takes place.  The Wildings meet up with the Thenns.  Jon discovers the world has changed while he was away and he is questioned by his superiors about his involvement (and vows) with the ”free folk”. Sam decides to take Gilly to Molestown, where she and the baby will be safe.

The wildings raid and kill a small village as a warning to the “crows”. Ed and Grenn return from Crasters, reporting the mutiny and death of Commander Mormont.  Thorne shows his dislike of Jon in the yard as he trains new recruits through reminding him that he is a “steward” and not, a “ranger”. And by some miracle, Jon meets Locke. Sam confesses he saw Bran in the north.

Jon gathers a crew that includes Locke, Pyp and Grenn to invade Crasters Keep to deal with the mutineers; even though, it’s a volunteer mission. Meanwhile, at Crasters, a drunken Karl is in command. Ghost is chained up. Rast sacrifices the last male baby born of old man Craster. Far away in the North, we get a chilly glimpse of the King of the White Walkers.  At last, Jon and crew descend on the posse, killing the mutineers (in hopes of finding Bran). Locke, Karl and Rast meet their end. Jon and Ghost are reunited.  Consequently, Craster’s Keep is burned to the ground along with the dead.

Jon returns to Castle Black with Ghost much to Thorne’s dismay. He and Sam end up on night patrol. The Wildings attack Molestown. Ygritte saves Gilly and her baby.  The Night’s Watch prepares for attack.

We come to the monstrous, exquisite episode 9, where the Wall is attacked on both sides by the Wildings. Sam reunites with Gilly and her baby as he locks them up for safety. Thorne gives a rousing speech to his troops. The battle lasts all night. Many lives are lost including, Thenn, Pyp, Grenn, a giant, and a mammoth. Ironically, Ygritte dies by a shot of an arrow. Thorne is injured, Tormund captured and Slynt is found hiding.

Jon goes to treat with Mance as Stannis arrives to round up the Wildings. Jon takes Ygritte beyond the Wall to say his goodbye. And as the Night’s watch burn their dead, Stannis watches up top while through the flames, Melisandre glances upon Jon.

The Story

There were many payoffs in this storyline such as the ending with White Walkers army in episode 5 to Ygritte, dying in Jon’s arms amidst the battle inside Castle Black. Even Sam proved his worth during that fight.  And each segment built upon the other.  Again, some adaptations worked while others didn’t. The one that bothered me the most was Sam telling Jon, he saw Bran which doesn’t happen in the book.

Episode 9 was so well executed, not only in action but in cinematography with the 360 angle of Castle Black, the CGI effects of the giants, mammoths and a very large scythe. The fight scenes were exciting as every player encountered some action during the fight.  The ending left most viewers stunned and unsure of what to expect next. Neil Marshall takes these battles to the next level focusing on one big event. Those are the most memorable episodes.

The Characters

Jon began this season as an unsure, insecure steward to a take charge leader who defied all odds against him. His return to Castle Black was not well received even with the knowledge he provided. His words with Thorne seemed to shape him into that leader. Perhaps, he needed some “tough” love.  With the loss of Ygritte, it was a huge turning point for Jon’s character, who found his purpose.  He becomes fearless as he treats with Mance as well as encountering Stannis. Kit Harrington exceeded all expectations during the battle sequence.

Sam takes his job very seriously, to the point where he can’t get his head out of the books.  He seemed so unsure of himself until the battle at Castle Black.  Sam is a loyal and trust worthy friend to Jon as they share a camaraderie that goes beyond just being men of the Night’s Watch.  Gilly, maybe his soft spot, but Sam realizes his duty and oath as a sworn brother. This complicates things for him immensely. Jon Bradley becomes Sam Tarly, the underdog, viewers cheer for.

The Night’s Watch had some interesting minor characters such as Thorne and Janos Slynt. Pyp and Grenn were steadfast and loyal brothers to the end. Maester Aemon seemed to be the voice of reason or counsel at times. Thorne’s speech during the Battle at the Wall was eloquently delivered.

The Wildings seemed to have their own issues with the arrival of the Thenns. It seemed they had the upper hand until the battle for Castle Black. Ygritte, hell-bent on destroying Jon, realized she still loved him while dying in his arms.  Rose Leslie will be missed as the tough wilding, Ygritte.

Looking forward to Season 5:

The question of leadership at the Wall will become a focal point.

With the arrival of Stannis, things ought to be shaken up a bit. There will be some big scenes between Jon/Stannis/Melisandre.

What might happen between Sam and Gilly?

Where will the Wildings fit in now that Stannis has captured them and what might be their plight?

Will Jon get word of the Bolton’s taking over Winterfell and how might that affect him?






Brienne’s Quest


Brienne began season 4, very scattered. In Kings Landing, she reminded Jaime of his oath to Catelyn Stark. He tells her that things are complicated now that Sansa is married to Tyrion.  Her focus turned to finding Arya.  Then there was the short visit to the Tyrells. Olenna marveled in her appearance.

At the Royal Wedding, Brienne congratulates the newlyweds. Within a second, a rather jealous Cersei confronts her about her feelings for Jaime.

Her course changes as Jamie gives her a new sword forged of Ned’s Ice and new armor as he bestows on her, a new mission (and promise to Catelyn); to search for Sansa and keep her safe from his sister, the Queen. She names the new sword, “Oathkeeper”.  As well, Podrick would now accompany her into the Riverlands.  Jaime and Brienne say goodbye as she leaves Kings Landing.

Brienne quickly learns that Pod has no cooking skills and tries to release him of his duties. He persuades her to keep him as he divulges how he saved Tyrion at Blackwater. Brienne’s compassion allows her to keep him around.  They land at the Inn at the Crossroads and unexpectedly meet Hotpie.  He confesses that Arya is still alive and possibly with the Hound.  As duo comes to the crossroads; they decide on Vale as most possible route (thanks to Pod’s knowledge).

Brienne comes upon a girl practicing with a small sword. They converse about being skilled woman warriors.  Identities are revealed via Pod. Brienne tries to convince Arya to come with her as she swore an oath to her mother. Arya doesn’t believe her while the Hound accuses her of being a Lannister spy (seeing the forged sword).  Brienne fights the Hound and wounds him seriously. In the end, both Brienne and Pod lose sight of Arya.

The Story

There were definite adaptations to this story. Certain elements of it worked such as such her travels with Pod and her fight with the Hound. And speaking of the fight scene, it was brilliantly choreographed by the GOT’s stunt crew. Both characters were well matched. Hotpie’s appearance was unexpected highlight.  And the locale speaks for itself, whether it was Northern Ireland or Iceland, the scenery is just breathtaking.

The Characters

Brienne is one character with integrity.  Her honesty keeps her humble even when she is mocked by others of her lack of femininity. She has been the voice of reason to Jaime, even in Kings Landing as she made him keep his word. Their parting in Episode 4 was bittersweet as both characters have undergone massive changes since last season. Who knows when they will meet again? Gwendoline Christie makes a fine Brienne showcasing a tough warrior with a heart of gold, honor and a sense of duty.

The unlikely pair of Brienne and Pod work. They both need each other for different reasons. Pod needs Brienne for protection while Brienne needs Pod for his knowledge and companionship. It will be interesting to watch how this relationship develops over the course of next season.

Looking forward to Season 5:

The quest to find Sansa in the Vale may be only a few episodes unless there is a larger adaptation to the story.

Perhaps a few new minor characters may appear.

They might find a dying Hound.

Will she meet up with Jaime again?



Season 5 Trailer #1

Here ya go:



Stannis and Crew


 It was a mediocre start for Stannis and those at Dragonstone in Season 4. And it seemed that nothing would go right for this King all season. Even a sacrificial burning and scolding (of Davos) did not seem to rouse any ambition into him.  Melisandre educated not only Selyse, about the art of potions but, Shireen, about the power of the Red God.

It isn’t until word of Joffrey’s death and the brilliance of Davos’s scheme to write to the Iron Bank (thanks to Shireen) that Stannis’s course takes a turn. In Braavos, the meeting doesn’t go according to plan until a loyal, passionate Davos pleads with the bankers on his behalf. Sallador Saan, the pirate, is recruited to take a newly bought sellsword army to North.

As Stannis invades the Wilding camp, he comes upon Mance Rayder and an unsuspecting Jon Snow at the end of the season.  It’s the look from Melisandre through the burning of the dead at the Wall that steals the show.

The Story

The highlights of this particular storyline had to be the CGI effects of Stannis and Davos sailing into Braavos as well as the aerial shot of the army invading the North.  It brings the story to life through the cinematographic lens. Also, this storyline is adapted from the books with the scene from Braavos; nevertheless, the plot remains the same.  The appearance of Sallador Saan lightens up the mood in Braavos.

The Characters

The meeting between Stannis and Jon Snow was a silent exchange of respect. Once Stannis realizes who Jon was; his demeanor changed within a second, through his eyes.  If it weren’t for Ned in Season 1, Stannis would have never pronounced himself, King.  Both Ned and Stannis share a lot of similar traits  such as their sense of justice and honor; yet their upbringing was different. Their shared commonality was Robert.  Ned was fostered with Robert by Jon Arryn where they became “brothers”. Something Stannis was never able to have with his own brother despite his loyalty to him. Jon may have something to learn from Stannis and vice versa.

Stannis is static character that hasn’t changed since season 2. His sense of entitlement never wanes even with the temptress advisor, Melisandre or the weird and nutty, Selyse beside him.  The voice of reason and humility is Davos, his Hand. It is his moral conscience and sense of loyalty that brings a sense of righteousness when everything is dark and full of terrors. And no one can fault the Onion Kinght for that.  Stephane Dillane and Liam Cunningham‘s performances compliment each other once again.

Stannis has one soft spot, Shireen. The priestess can’t shake her nor her own mother. Her compassion towards Davos continues this season as well.  In fact, it’s through her curiosity and innocence, he concocts his plan to contact the Iron Bank. Shireen is the bright spot for these men.  

Melisandre didn’t have much of a role this year except to convince nutty Selyse that potions are part of the seduction game. She is still completely devoted to the Red God and its flames. She couldn’t convert Shireen to her plight.  Yet, somehow Stannis needs her and her visions; so there is a role she must still play with her dark magic. Perhaps, Mel saw Jon in those flames as she was truly intrigued by him at the Wall.

Looking forward to Season 5:

With the overlapping of storylines at the Wall, there ought to be some interesting scenes with between Jon/Stannis/Melisandre.

Will Davos stay at the Wall or will he go? What might his role be?

How will Shireen and Selyse adjust to the icy cold north?

And what will Stannis do with Mance? The Wall? The Wildings?




Theon Greyjoy/Reek, Who?


Season 4 had more torture in mind for Theon/Reek as a hunt in the woods starts off this storyline.  Roose is shocked at Theon’s appearance but Ramsay convinces his father of his hostage’s servitude.  Their immediate goal is to secure the North and Winterfell by snuffing out the last two Stark heirs, Bran and Rickon.  Locke is sent to the Wall to accomplish that task (where his storyline intertwines with Jon and Bran) for a piece of northern land.

In a daring attempt to rescue her brother, Yara invades the castle to the chagrin of Ramsay, only to find that Theon has become Reek. As the Ironborn leave, so does Yara who exclaims, “Her brother is dead”.  Ramsay’s careful yet calculating scheming invokes Reek to become Theon once more in order to capture Moat Cailin.  A successful but, gruesome victory ensues as the Boltons claim the Moat. At last, Daddy Bolton rewards his son by legitimatizing him.  Excitedly, the whole platoon heads to Winterfell by season’s end.

So the highlight of this story arc may have been Yara’s rescue speech or the fact that Theon has learned to become a barber without flinching. The amazing location of Northern Ireland makes up for it.

The Story

Again, many heavily adapted scenes from the last book for Theon although it tied up some loose ends for minor characters such as Locke.  Sometimes, it seemed that these were filler segments during certain episodes with no clear intention other than the Boltons taking over the North.

The Characters

Theon/Reek is masked with the regret of his actions rendering him powerless. He becomes the “cloak” of his former self as a humble servant of the Boltons. It’s almost sad to see how easily he can be manipulated by Ramsay; an extremely valuable hostage, nonetheless. Perhaps, there is piece of his former self that has not risen yet; to escape the madness. Alfie Allen has transcended into Reek/Theon.

The Boltons, on the other hand, exude power through careful scheming and manipulation. Papa Bolton is a force to be reckoned with, including his own son, Ramsay who wants nothing more than to please his old man.  And speaking of Ramsay, he brings a new meaning to “flaying”. His psychological exploitation of Theon/Reek through sadistic cruelty makes him “the guy to hate” for viewers. Kudos to Michael McElhatton and Iwan Rheon for their performances as the new Wardens of the North.

What to expect Season 5:

The Boltons live at Winterfell and fix it up because Winter is Coming.

Theon confronts his past discretions at Winterfell and is tortured again.

New players come to Winterfell.

News of Stannis’s arrival at the Wall sparks future problems for the Boltons.

The Boltons must defend their new castle from Jon?