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Season 4, Episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose”

In just two episodes, GOT has continued its momentum on overdrive by promising huge surprises with death as the ultimate end. Last night’s episode was no exception. It primarily focused on the events of the notorious “Purple Wedding”. Viewers caught up with Bran, Stannis and Theon in this chapter as well. And in GOT tradition, this episode was written by the master himself, George R.R. Martin. Again, it was a well-paced, character driven exposition with some spectular visuals as well as one shocking (ok not for book readers) ending.



The opening segment began with a savage human hunt of Tansy through a forest with Miranda, Ramsay and his hounds. Along with them, is his servant, “Reek”, formerly Theon Greyjoy. As Tansy runs away from them, Miranda shoots her in the thigh with an arrow. Ramsay commands his hounds to finish the hunt as Reek looks on in terror.

Later on, Roose Bolton comes to the Dreadfort with his new wife, Lady Walda and Locke. Ramsay welcomes them. Bolton asks to see the prize. As Ramsay and Locke enter the castle, they joke about cutting off Jaime’s hand. Once inside, Roose sits down for shave; as requested, Reek is brought to him. The new Warden of the North is astounded by the site of Theon. He informs his son that Theon was a bargaining chip against the Ironborn A displeased Bolton tells his son that the flayed man is his sigil and not his son who is a “Snow” and not a Bolton. Ramay trires to prove his worth by having Reek shave him; all the while, explaining that Bran and Rickon are not dead, but on their way to Castle Black. He also taunts Reek by telling him that Robb is dead who shaves him clean. He lets his father know that Bran and Rickon are a threat to them as the north will rally to their side, if they are found alive. As well, he mentions that Jon Snow is at Castle Black, another potential threat. Finally, he instructs Ramsay to show his worth by taking Moat Cailin back as well as Locke, whom he will reward handsomely if Bran and Rickon are found.

The transformation of Theon to Reek was scary in itself. It was shocking to witness the complete horror in his eyes. Ramsay is the “new bad guy,” viewers are going to love to hate. There is a definite undertone of a father/son (Boltons)relationship gone bad.



The night was dark and fulls of terror as the Lord of Light was given a ceremonial burning by Melisandre, Stannis, Selyse and their followers. As Davos looked on, he hung his head in shame to watch Ser Axel burned. Davos reminds his King that Florent brought him ships but Stannis counters him by asking what has Davos has done for him. During supper, Stannis, Selyse and Mel have a quiet dinner together. Selyse recalls eating barbequed seagulls once when there was no food at Dragonstone. She tells her husband that Shireen is stubborn, won’t listen and needs the “rod”. Stannis tells his wife not to lay a hand on her. Selyse suggests that the Lady Melisandre visit Shireen . The Red Woman tries to influence the young princess on religion. Her only advice is, “there is only one hell, the one we live in”.

It seems that Stannis is trying to rebuild his army with little help. He is not impressed with his Hand either.  Selyse is just creepy and there is a certain distain between her and Stannis. Shireen sees right through Melisandre . Let’s hope that this storyline picks up midseason.



We catch up with Bran as he is a waarging into Summer. Hodor wakes him up. Jojen warns him not to waarg into his direwolf too much otherwise he will forget about being human, Winterfell and his family. They need Bran to survive. As they begin to travel, the group sees Summer at a Weirwood tree in the middle of a snow covered forest. Bran puts his hand on the carved on the tree and he has a vision. He sees the past of Ned, the house of the Undying, being thrown out of window, the three eyed raven; the present of snow and the future of Dragons flying over Kings Landing. There was also an unknown child in the forest waitng for him. A voice tells Bran, “to find him underneath the Weirwood tree”. Bran wakes up and tells his cohorts they must go north.

This was an amazing highlight of tonight’s episode and for Bran’s storyline which looks quite promising. The stunning visual and flashbacks make his journey more appealing. The Child of the Forest will be an added bonus to this segment.


Kings Landing

The real action took place as Joffrey and Margery’s wedding day finally arrives.

First, Jaime has breakfast with Tyiron. Tyrion toasts the Lannister children, “ The cripple, the Dwarf and the Mother of Madness. The Kingslayer confesses to his brother that he is no good anymore since he lost his hand. Tyrion’s wit encourages to learn to fight with his left hand. Next , we see him with Bronn who begins to train Jaime in an undisclosed location.

As Tyrion is on his way to the wedding breakfast, he is interrupted by Varys who lets him know that his sister knows about Shae. The spider warns him that Tywin is not going to be pleased when he finds out. Varys says he has friends in Pentos that will help her out and Tyrion agrees with him.

At the wedding breakfast, we are introduced briefly to Mace Tyrell who gives the King a new goblet. Tyrion presents is the “ Book of 4 Kings”. Shae approaches the wedding breakfast table; Cersei point her out to Tywin. He instructs his daughter to bring her to his tower. The Hand of King presents his grandson will a new sword of Valyrian steel. Joffrey names it , “Widow Wail”and then proceeds to slice the book into pieces. He looks at Sansa and makes remarks about Ned. The Wedding table is left in horror over Joffrey’s actions.


After the feast, Shae visits Tyrion again to try to seduce him. A heated argument between the two ensues. Tyrion informs her that he didn’t love her and only Sansa is fit to have his children. Tyrion offers her safe passage to Pentos. She is escorted out by Bronn, crying.

At the Sept of Baelor, Joff and Margery are married. Her gown was extravagant with blue roses on the train. Sansa remarks they have a new Queen to which Tyrion caringly replies, “ better her than you.”

During the walk to the wedding reception, Olenna and Tywin have words regarding the debt owed to the Bank of Braavos. Tywin assures her, he is not worried. She brushes off her own son. Bronn informs Tyrion that Shae sailed away safely.

During the feast, Olenna send her condolences to Sansa regarding her brother’s death and invites her to come to Highgarden for some relaxation. She also examines Sansa’s necklace. In Olenna fashion, she remarks that she is now going to eat the food she paid for.

Joffrey’s sadistic streak continues with throwing money at the band and japing his fool. Margery tries to change the mood by announcing that the poor will benefit from the leftovers at the feast.


Brienne congratulates the newlyweds. Cersei thanks her for bringing Jaime home. Jaime looks over as the Queen Regent asks Brienne if she is in love with him. Afterwards, a jealous Cersei instructs Pycelle that the leftovers be given to the kennels.

Loras gets noticed by the Red Viper and confronted by Jaime. He advises him that Cersei will never marry him to which Loras rebounds, “she’ll never marry you either” and storms off.

Tywin and Cersei encounter Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand. Some not so nice pleasantries are exchanged. And in subtle fashion, Oberyn reminds Twyin that murder of women and children is frowned upon in Dorne (meaning his sister and children). He also reminds them that Myrcella is there as well.

Back at the feast, there is new entertainment, “the War of the 5 Kings” played by a troupe of little people. Loras storms off when they poke fun at Renly. The play is finished. Joffrey mocks Tyrion by asking him to join the troupe. Tyrion graciously declines saying he has seen too much fighting and then recalls how Joffrey left during Blackwater. An insulted Joffrey spills wine on his uncle, drops his goblet and tells his uncle to pick it up. Sansa comes to the rescue. Joffrey orders Tyrion to pour him more wine and kneel before him.

The wedding pie arrives just in time. Joffrey cuts it as doves fly out. He takes a bite of the pie, Tyrion asks to be excused. Joffrey says no and wants more wine. He begins to cough and choke. Margery screams in horror . Dontos grabs Sansa and tells her to come with him if she wants to live. Joffrey falls off the dais. Cersei rushes to her son who is uncontrobally choking. Joffrey looks up one last time almost pointing to Tyrion and dies in his mother’s arms. Cersei screams and accuses of Tyrion of poisoning the King. He is arrested. The end credits role with Sigur Ros singing The Rains of Castamere.


Lots of great character driven moments. There was plenty of interaction between characters. The most endearing scene was Jaime and Tyrion’s brotherly moment. Tyrion is the only one he can trust at the moment. Cersei holding Joffrey in her arms was heart wrenching at the end. It’s sad for Margery since she is now widowed twice. Sansa may have finally found her escape. The Red Viper has his eyes on the Lannisters. Alas,poor Tyrion, now accused of killing the King. Will Tywin save him? Is Shae really gone? Will we see Tommen’s induction as King.

Random Quotes /Thoughts:

Balon Greyjoy’s death will probally come at the end of season 4 to bridge the storyline for season 5 and introduce the Ironborn.

“How can I protect the King, If I can’t wipe my ass” Jaime to Tyrion

“….I’ve been told that you sh** gold like your father” Bronn to Jaime

“Oh, that’s right Reek, Robb is dead” Ramsay to Reek

“The Starks have always ruled the North, if Bran and Rickon are found alive, the north will come to their aide” Ramsay to Roose

“Bastards are not frowned upon in Dorne….” Oberyn to Tywin and Cersei

“I’ve never met a Sand before “Cersei to Ellaria

“ Prove yourself a Bolton, take this creature with you ….get back the Moat and I’ll consider your name” Roose to Ramsay

“It would be a tragedy if the king loses his virtue before his wedding night” Tyrion to Joffrey

“Everytime I use it (sword)..it will be lke cutting off Ned Stark’s head again” Joffrey to Sansa

“What did you do to him” Roose to Ramsay….” I trained him.”

”You might try to enjoy something in your life” Olenna to Tywin

Here is a preview of Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains”:

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  • Limaxis April 16, 2014, 3:03 pm

    Some changes from the book may make it less difficult to watch upcoming episodes, although they certainly are not softening the roll of the Boltons.
    One change I hope works out – It appears that Shae will escape the upcoming upheaval following Geoffrey’s murder.
    Changing Jaime’s left hand fencing instructor is an interesting choice. Jaime as played does entirely too well against Bronn, however. It will be interesting to see who replaces Bronn when Jaime leaves King’s Landing to settle matters at Riverrun.
    Who the heck is Tansy, anyway? I am getting a bit tired of the Boltons.
    As for the purple wedding, they did a terrific job with the payoff for Geoffrey’s role as the one you love to hate.
    Things will really get rolling now, with new characters, new locations, and some delicious plot twists.

  • nightshadow April 17, 2014, 9:04 pm

    Tansy was one of the servant girls Ramsay had last season. I think that writers are showing the type of person that Ramsay is. I guess they are speeding up ADWD for this storyline.
    I think Shae is a red herring.
    I’m liking Bran’s storyline….it’s taking off. Let’s hope it keeps going all season.
    And yes, there will be definitely some more arc and characters we will see soon.
    I’ll be really interested to see how they will incorporate AFFC’ next season because there will be a lot of interesting storylines there.

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  • nightshadow April 30, 2014, 7:37 pm

    Hi Norberto,

    Thanks for reading the blog. You are most welcome to comment here if you wish and the favor would be returned. Perhaps we can exchange links etc.

    Depending on the program you are using, it would have a moderation control panel. where you can delete spam response and approve comments. It might help you alleviate your issues. I can only imagine how time consuming that would be.
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