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Season 4, Episode 7 – “Mockingbird”

With only 3 episodes left, GOT has begun to rev up its engines into overdrive towards the season finale. Tonight’s fast paced; yet revealing chapter brought new twists/turns for many players. And it seems most lives are hanging in the balance. Again, another episode directed by Alik Sakharov.


Kings Landing

In continuation of last week’s episode, we start off tonight with Jaime telling Tyrion, he messed things up because it was a good deal. Tyrion rebuts by saying that Father got what he want by getting Jaime to leave the Kingsguard to become the heir of Casterly Rock while Tyrion would be sent to the Wall, never to be seen again. The Imp admits that it was Shae’s testimony that sent him over the edge. He thought she loved him and vice a versa. Jaime scolds him about falling in love with a “whore”. The Kingslayer informs his brother that he cannot save him this time. Tyrion requests to see Bronn, a possible champion for him. He asks about Cersei’s champion. Jaime cannot hide the look of what is to come.

Finally, we get a glimpse of the Mountain, Gregor Clegane, practicing his killing skills. Cersei welcomes him to Kings Landing.

At last, Bronn visits Tyrion in his cell. Dressed in very fine garb, he informs his former Lord that he is engaged to Lolly Stokeheart. Tyrion realizes that Cersei has bought him. He reminds his friend of the laws of inheritance. In Bronn fashion, he says the older sister can have a little accident falling off a horse. Tyrion asks Bronn to champion for him but Bronn won’t risk it this time, the stakes are too big. They leave on mutual terms with a handshake.

The final visitor of night is Oberyn Martell. He lets Tyrion know that Cersei came to him inquiring about Mrycella but her true intentions were regarding her brother. Martell recounts the first time he met Tyrion as a baby at the Rock with his sister Elia. They had heard awful stories of how monstrous looking he was. It turns out he was just a baby. Both men agree that Cersei wants to see Tyrion dead. Oberyn says he has come to right Lannister to avenge his sister’s death. He agrees to be Tyrion’s champion. There is a look of relief in Tyrion’s eyes.

Tyrion had no way of out this fiasco until Oberyn arrived. Both Jaime and Bronn cannot help him. He knows Cersei loathes him since his time of birth. His father has no compassion for him. Even Shae was a disappointment. A definite twist for Tyrion as old friendships cease and new alliances are formed. The Mountain looks fierce so battle will be intense. Again, Peter Dinklage just nails it! Kudos to Pedro Pascal as well who convinces us of Oberyn’s hatred and revenge. Another memorable scene for Season 4.


The Riverlands

Arya and the Hound come upon a dying man and his burnt cottage. They realize nothing or no one is safe, Clegane kills the dying man so he won’t suffer. They are ambushed by two unknown men, one who bits the Hound on the neck. He kills him quickly. The other one informs the Hound there is price on his head by the Lannisters. Suddenly, Arya remembers Rorge from Yoren’s prisoner cart. She kills him as per the Hound’s previous lesson.

Later on, as the Hound and Arya stop for rest, he angrily states that “no reward was worth this much trouble”. She tries to convince him to let her burn the festering wound but Clegane doesn’t go for it. He confesses how his brother, Gregor burned him for stealing his toy; he was only playing with. And the worst part is that his own father covered up for his brother. He reminds his young captive that she isn’t the only one on her own. Arya helps him with the wound by washing and sewing it up.

Brienne and Pod travel to the Inn at the Crossroads. Hotpie serves them a kidney pie. He asks her if she is a knight. She informs him that she is looking for Sansa Stark. Outside, as Brienne gets ready to leave; Pod warns her that she shouldn’t tell anyone her mission as “people kill for money”. Just then, Hotpie comes to see them. He confesses that he was travelling with Arya until they were captured by the Lannisters, the BWB and she was taken by the Hound. He gives them wolf bread. Brienne gives Pod a look. As they come upon two paths, Pod tells her that Tyrion made sure he knew who married who and which houses hated each other. They decide that Arya could be on her way to the Eeryie to her Aunt Lysa with a good possibility that Sansa is there too. It’s worth a shot!

The bounty on the Hound’s head has made him even grumpier than before.  The pivotal moment for the Hound is his confession of how his brother burned him and the shame it has caused. Arya actually feels sorry for him for the first time. A great moment for Rory McCann’s The Hound. The new paring of Brienne and Pod is enjoyable. She certainly needs him because of his knowledge but more so as a loyal companion. His honesty will soften her rough exterior. Hotpie’s appearance made their mission more important than ever.


The Wall

Jon returns to Castle Black to Thorne’s dismay. Ghost accompanies him. He informs his Brothers that Mance is on his way by the next full moon since he saw their fires at Ozywick Hill. Snow suggests sealing the tunnels with ice. The acting Lord Commander won’t hear of it. His new orders are for him and Tarly to start night patrol until the full moon.

This short segment is building towards the Wilding invasion. It seems that no matter what Jon says or does, it falls on deaf ears. Once the wildings invade, it will be an “I told ya so” moment. Let’s hope its soon. I’m looking forward to this battle scene.



Selyse barges in on Melisandre, taking a bath. Mel educates her about using the potions to trick men into converting to the Lord of Light. But the Queen doesn’t need it because she sees the truth. Selyse asks about Stannis as Mel replies it was only flesh needing flesh. Selyse feels her daughter shouldn’t go to the Wall, but Stannis insists she comes. Melisandre makes her look into the fire and says that Lord of Light commands that Shireen accompany them.

If anything, we certainly learn more about Melisandre. She definitely knows how to weave her web around the most vulnerable like Selyse. It will be interesting to see what happens at the Wall.



Dany finds Daario in her private quarters with flowers. He tells her there are only two things that matter to him, “killing men and women”. He asks her to let him kill any man for her. She seduces him with wine and commands him to take off his clothes. Jorah finds Daario leaving the Khalessi’s quarters the next morning.

Jorah informs his Queen not to trust Daario. Dany informs Jorah that Daario and the Second Sons will retake Yunkai thus, killing the slave masters. Jorah states that all these slaves know is brutality. He says, “there is good and evil on every side of the war”. The Khalessi commands that Hizdhar will act as an ambassador from Meereen. She declares that the slaves can live her new world or die in the old one. Lastly, she tells Jorah to find Daario the new plans and tell him, “you changed my mind.

Dany is beginning to feel confident in her ability to rule. Jorah’s counsel seems to appeal to her. It’s quite evident that Jorah doesn’t like the competition of Daario. He can’t stand anyone else getting close to the Khalessi . Could it to be to protect himself as well? It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the last few episodes. Emilia Clarke embodies Dany.


The Vale

Sansa wanders into the courtyard amidst the snow. She builds a Winterfell snow castle. Robin appears and they chat about “the moon door”. He destroys her castle. Sansa loses her temper with him and accidently hits him. The Little Lord storms off in a huff. Just then, Littlefinger appears. He tells her that she reminds him of her mother; only Sansa is more beautiful than Cat. He strokes her hair and plants a kiss on her. Sansa is taken back by Baelish’s forth rightfulness. Lysa watches from the top of the tower.

Sansa is summoned by Lysa in the Great Hall near the moon door. Sansa apologizes to her aunt for hitting Robin. Lysa accuses her of seducing Petyr. In a jealous fit, she grabs Sansa towards the door. Just in time, LF shows up as Lysa is freaking out. He promises he’ll send Sansa away. Lysa lets her go. She (Lysa) confesses how she killed for him in the name of love. Petyr tells her that he has only loved one woman, her sister. He pushes her through the moon door.

A great ending for this episode and one I have looked forward to for some time. We see crazy Lysa meet her end. LF’s creepiness towards Sansa could be his undoing.  We see how much of a master manipulator he is. With Lysa out of the way, what are his next moves? What will happen to Robin now? Sophie Turner as Sansa is coming out of her shell.

Random Quotes/Thoughts:

The” previously on” introductions are great foreshadowing from previous seasons.
The Brienne/Pod Scenes are bridging into Book #4.
“Given the opportunity, what do we do the ones we love?” Littlefinger to Sansa
“Do what you do best…take off your clothes” Dany to Daario
“Humor isn’t my strength” Selyse to Melidandre
“If I wanted wits, I would marry you” Bronn to Tyrion
“Sooner or later, Cersei always get what she wants” Tyrion to Oberyn
“Don’t give up on me just yet” Tyrion to Jaime
“I’m the last friend you’ve got” Jaime to Tyrion
“Thanks to you…I’m a walking bag of silver” The Hound to Arya

Just a reminder that GOT is back in two weeks due to the Memorial Day weekend.

Here is a preview of Episode 8, “The Viper and the Mountain”:

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  • Limaxis May 20, 2014, 1:58 pm

    This will have to be brief as I am supposed to be packing for a trip.
    I was a bit put off by the scene with Gregor and Cersei. More of what I consider gratuitous evil, like turning the Thenns into cannibals. Killing weak unarmed men for sport certainly does not contribute to the impression that The Mountain is invincible.
    Tyrion now sees that his lifelong advantage – gold – is an unreliable ally as long as there is someone with more.
    Arya and The Hound continue to grow in trust and respect for each other. Her revenge on Rorge, who said he’d rape her with her stick, was a bit too easy, but satisfying anyway. As usual, she keeps learning lessons wherever they crop up.
    I was really pleased to see Hot Pie show up. I knew that once he was out of earshot, he’d tell Brienne and Pod about Arya. I think Pod’s advice was good, even though this time Brienne’s straightforward approach worked out.
    I’ll have to go back to the book to see how Jon manages to talk Slynt into making the preparations that can save the Brothers from Mance Raiders’ assault.
    As I’ve always said, Melisandre is a mistress of “glamours” and this episode reinforces that view, hinting at her limitations. I’d really like to see her face-to-face with one of the Others and see whether she’d maintain her composure.
    The scene in Daenerys’ private chamber was a bit of a surprise. I thought she had decided to keep Daario at arm’s length, but it appear that she is unable to even keep him at “short arm’s” length. At least we get a nice look at Michiel Huisman’s muscular butt (unless that was a body double). Note where her eyes were focused in that scene. BTW, punctuation counts. There’s a world of difference between “killing men and women” and “killing men; and women.”
    I had been wondering whether she would come up with a plan to regain control of the other cities she had “liberated.” I like Ser Jorah’s advice. BTW it was the “slavers” not the “slaves” who must live in her world or die in theirs.
    The Vale thread was another great ending (this has been a great season for climaxes), and another chance for Aidan Gillen to show is how creepy Littlefinger is. Robin is another example of the TV series casting people much older than the comparable person in the books. He’s also much too vigorous and strong. It doesn’t damage the narrative though, so no harm, no foul.
    My favorite quote is your “If I wanted wits, I’d have married you.” Bronn & Tyrion get all the good lines.

  • nightshadow May 20, 2014, 8:17 pm

    These slower paced but character driven episodes have been the best yet. And so many surprise endings along the way have made this season one of the best to watch IMO.
    Each scene for each character has been emotionally raw and compelling.
    Alik’s Sahkarov’s direction for the last two episodes has been extraordinary as he has captured the essence of the screenwriter’s dialogue, mood and motivations.
    I know each episode will have a climatic ending. I figure there will be some more surprise ending that viewers won’t expect.
    And for some reason, the adaptation works well this season. I’m not minding the changes as long as the story relatively stays the same. Sometimes the visuals enhance how the reader may see a particular place or scene.
    I had to say that Tyrion’s scenes really moved me whether it was Bronn, Jaime or Oberyn. Each had it’s time and place. I loved the Moon Door ending although I kinda wished LF said “only Cat” but oh well.